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My main goal during a contemporary dance class is that each dancer not only practises the technique, but finds his own physicality in each exercise and movement. I do my best that dancers through the different exercises, are able to move in various qualities and are able to smoothly change them. Class is pushing students to the limits of their possibilities, so that they’re deepening their awareness of the body. I want the dancers to move widely, plastic, deep and precisely, but still ask them to search for themselves and their originality. The criteria that build my lesson are: dynamics, special orientation, feeling of time, articulation of movement, breath, connection of theory and practice, an attempt to find performative expression during a class. I use elements of floor work, technical exercises in the centre, special exercises, improvisation and the others. At the end I teach a short choreography. Often I use as well some exercises that improve the creativity of my students (creative work).