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Dance Theatre

As a choreographer I like to give myself challenges and analyse different kinds of subjects and problems. It is very important for me that artists that I work with will feel comfortable in my choreographies and can show themselves in it. During a process of creation, I’m not only showing and teaching my own steps, but I like to lead a dialogue, analysis and research with the dancer in order to interpret precisely our subject. I believe that nowadays a choreographer is kind of a mentor, who leads his artists to a chosen goal. If there comes to a moment, that I’m teaching a dancer my own, exact steps, I still persist that he/she put his own involvement and creativity into the phrases and work. I love to mix different qualities of movement and even more the dancers of different experiences and backgrounds. My choreographies are rich in very physical movement, that leads the dancers into the boarders of their possibilities.

I believe that each choreography can never be danced two times in the same way, so I like to give myself and the others another challenges and tasks to overcome. I believe it is an art, if you’re able to find something new in a movement that you’ve already did for a hundred times. I create a small educational choreographies as well as long-evening dance theatre spectacles.

During studies in Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz, Austria Eliza has already created many pieces, that were appreciated by other artists and the foreign audience. Her favourite were:

  • solo during an evening ‘Greetings… I’m great and I fall’ – direction by Gabriel Castillo – 25.11.2016
  • project with the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria – solo created to a music made by a Spanish composer Javier Quislant – 2015
  • duo with Olivier Placko from Slovakia - der Ohrenzeuge III – 7.05.2014

On 12th Mai 2018 there was a premiere of my spectacle „The Room” for Caro Dance Theater, A. Meżerycki Center of Culture and Art, Theatre Stage of Siedlce City, Poland

In March 2019 on the Contemporary Dance Theater Festival ‘Sfera Ruchu’, Nowa Sól, Poland, there was a premiere of her solo performance ‘SEE ME’. The choreography took part in the Netherlands Choreography Competition in Haarlem, Netherlands (June 2019) as well as performed on Lisbon Dance Platform in Lisbon, Portugal (July 2019) and Istanbul Fringe Festival on BOA Stage & Akbank Sanat, Turkey (September 2019).