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A main idea of improvisation is for me the fact, that you cannot make any mistake during it. Each movement, each form of expression is as good and as proper as possible. During this class, every student can find himself and his own, original way of movement. Through different exercises and tasks, I try to extract from my students as much as possible awareness of their bodies, ability to move in various qualities and self-confidence. The main value of dance for me is an expression through the dance in its clearest and honest way. During a class I persuade the dancers that there are no borders and we are able to overcome each limit. There are no boundaries of possibilities and each problems we can overcome by some certain actions. What is more, I believe that each small movement, thing, person, state, emotion can be an inspiration to improvisation, choreography and dance in general. During a class I propose various forms of work: individual exercises, exercises in couples or groups. Sometimes I use as well the technique of contact improvisation. Very often, I initiate creative tasks that are leading student to the point, where they are able to create their own short phrases of dance (creative work). For me, improvisation is as well the form of meditation, relax and away in order clean our bodies and souls.