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The Room


What is home?

Corridor, kitchen or maybe our own room with which we identify?

Maybe it’s not even about walls, that protects us, but about some space with conventionally marked out borders: district, city, country, world?

Is love the home? People, who live inside: family, friends or a loved person?... maybe our own body?

Do we home just one home or we can have many at one moment? Is it easy to change it? How many of them we can have during the years that somebody counts for us?

‘The Room’ in a production, in which five dancers analyse the subject of home and family. Artists inspired by their own memories and experiences, with connection of everyday movements and behaviours, are creating on the stage an atmosphere of family home. Characters are discovering the room that surround them as well common relations through various contemporary dance techniques.

Concept and choreography: Eliza Kindziuk i Sebastian Piotrowicz

Dancers: Ilona Gumowska, Łukasz Czapski/Marcin Denkiewicz, Izabela Orzełowska, Eliza Kindziuk, Sebastian Piotrowicz

Light design: Marcin Kostyra

Acoustics: Tomasz Salach

Photos: Joanna Gieranin

Video: Kamil Białobrzewski

Length: about 50 minutes

Premiere: 12.05.2018

Production: A. Meżerycki Centre of Culture and Art, Theatre Stage of Siedlce City, Poland

September 2018 - Contemporary Dance Festival ‘Rozbieg!’ in CKIS, Siedlce
April 2019 - Artistic Scholarship of the Mayor of Siedlce City